umbraco, the CMS that likes you

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Umbraco, the CMS that likes you

Here, at Semmeo web agency we love Umbraco: it is simple, flexible, friendly. But, essentially, within the exclusive circle of top CMS solutions, it’s the rising challenger. Why? Have a seat, let us explain.

  • Robust, reliable, loyal
  • Publication via mobile phones and tablets
  • A pleasure to use for the contributors
  • A friendly community
  • Adapts to all projects

The very good reasons to give in to Umbraco

1. A single philosophy: user centric

At Umbraco, you feel at home. From the configuration to the input of new content, its user-friendly design leaves nothing to chance. This is a pleasant and clever tool… that really likes you!

2. Everything’s .NET and neat under the hood

Open the hood, take a look inside: it’s all neat and tidy. The latest technologies are there. The engine is ultra-efficient. What’s more, it’s difficult to find a more reliable and safer solution today.

3. Come on in, it’s open!

With Umbraco, you’ll never feel alone. There’s always someone around to help you or to suggest some improvements. If you have any doubts, you can have a look and see how it all works. Now then, guess the price.

4. Ask it for the moon

… and more: Umbraco bends but does not break. A graphics display with no constraints? Yes it can. A website coupled to a mobile app? Yes it can. Its only limit is your own.

5. Installation: simple as 1-2-3!

Simple, Umbraco installs in the blink of an eye. Flexible, it adapts to types of hosting architectures. Friendly, as always, it proposes several methods.

6. Contributing makes you happy

On a daily basis, Umbraco is a pleasant tool to use for all contributors, whatever their level. Review of three functions that delight both children and adults.

7. Configuring puts a smile on your face

With some minor tweaking of Umbraco you can unleash surprisingly powerful tools: a lightning fast search engine, multiple language management ‘so easy’, highly professional member section…

8. Quick, quick

It’s hard to be more efficient than Umbraco. It inherits all the mechanisms of the .NET platform enabling it to respond in a split second instantly.

9. A CMS on the rise

Umbraco has seen its progression soar worldwide. In France, it is developing fast. Get ready!

10. Directory of .fr tld Umbraco websites

News hot off the press

Codegarden 2015 is only two weeks away now, from june 10 to 12. The perfect occasion to learn and share with Umbracians around the world, through numerous sessions and speakers, addressing subjects as diverses as there are in our business. From the marriage of Umbraco and Node.JS to selling Umbraco methods, through making contributors happy, there is much to glean for everyone involved (or willing to be) in Umbraco projets.

Umbraco 7.2 is out, and news are damn good. Seeing the new features of this new version, they could have named this version Umbraco 8. These features were announced at the Code Garden (we said a few words about it earlier), and they are now available in the latest version of Umbraco CMS. These are:

- Grid: this is new datatype is used to build totally flexible interfaces, by adding content blocks. It thus offers contributors a greater flexibility in customizing their page, so they won't fight anymore with the WYSIWYG editor. Altought developers still keep control over the rendering process.

- List View: in the back office, folders of content can now be considered as List View. The children contents of these "folders" are listed in a table like form, allowing the sorting, searching, etc. Which provides a better overview of the contents of a page, rather than be limited to the Umbraco treeview.

- Compositions: allows to build document types based on other existing types that you have already created. Less restrictive than nested document types, this feature actually allows you to copy fields form already created a document type to another.

Content Preview: at the time of Responsive Design, it is important to test your site on specific resolutions. These initial tests are often done by resizing the browser, which is annoying sometimes because you mist do a pixel perfect resize. Therefore Umbraco now implements a preview feature that allows you to view the page on different preset resolutions, and all at a click away.

Courier, the tool facilitating deployments between Umbraco platforms, is now available for Umbraco 7, the latest Umbraco version.

The Codegarden, was the last week from June 11 to 13 in Copenhagen. We had the pleasure to attend this conference for the 4th time.

This conference promised major announcements and beautiful encounters and the promise was kept: 450 participants from various backgrounds, Umbraco exponential growth, new features that are worth (segments, queries, cross platform preview, archetype, grids ...), the release of Umbraco as a Service, and finally an atmosphere that could not be more friendly!

Conferences were varied and rewarding: Our first Umbraco 7 build, Mobile Applications Umbraco, Archetype, Strongly Typed Models, MVC Mashed ...

And do not forget the classics: the boat ride and Umbraco Bingo for lots of laugh ;)

Hang on: April 9, Umbraco has recorded a total of 646 installations in one day. One every 2 minutes and 15 seconds! And we're talking about complete installations, not just downloads.

The historical Facebook post

Newly created (early April 2014) by Microsoft, the. NET Foundation fosters the development and collaboration on Open Source projects done with the .NET framework. Major players in the Open Source. NET world meet. Among them, Umbraco, represented by its founder Niels Hartvig. Great news for the whole community, which shows how. NET wants to strengthen its open source dynamics. 

The official website of the .NET Foundation

On this version's menu: new backoffice features. The image cropper natively integrated in the Umbraco core allows to save precious time. Forget Photoshop: click, download, it's cropped! A breadcrumbs to better spot the content location, and a feature to change the document type of a document appear when you edit a document. Finally, predefined scripts are now available for setting up member areas.

Version 7.1 in detail on the Umbraco Blog

Umbraco As A Service (code name "Concorde") is showing up. This plug-and-play solution for hosting Umbraco projects in the cloud allows to drastically reduce the time to deploy an application, to better manage its lifecycle, and to analyse efficiently its activity. Based on sur Microsoft Azure, which has load balancing and ensures constant availability. The creation of Umbraco applications has never been easier, and costs kept under control.

Keep an eye on the release of Umbraco As A Service

Umbraco break through

Hang on: April 9, Umbraco has recorded a total of 646 installations in one day. One every 2 minutes and 15 seconds! And we're talking about complete installations, not just downloads.

The historical Facebook post