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The White Book

2. Everything’s .NET and neat under the hood

Everything’s .NET and neat under the hood

Open the hood, take a look inside: it’s all neat and tidy. The latest technologies are there. The engine is ultra-efficient. What’s more, it’s difficult to find a more reliable and safer solution today.

2.1 A robust technical platform

The advent of the .NET Framework marked a turning point for Microsoft technology. It offers a common development environment for C#, VB.NET, J# and C++ languages. Everyone can use their preferred language. Within a same project, two developers using different languages will be able to work together easily; their applications will always be perfectly compatible with one another. This also means that it is not difficult to find the skills required to successfully complete a project using .NET.

The Framework also has all the qualities required to ensure the best return on investment:

  • reliable: .NET was designed so as to ensure the best continuity of service. Since its launch in 2002, it has been used to develop thousands of applications;
  • secure: easy to manage, the issue of security is so closely integrated in the Framework that developers can  almost forget about it and focus 100% on the project;
  • efficient: .NET easily withstands heavy traffic and requires no complex technical infrastructure. You can even run applications based on different versions of the Framework on the same server;
  • maintainable: the configuration of applications can be modified without having to rewrite any code. Maintenance is easier and operating costs are reduced.

Finally, one of .NET’s strengths lies in its documentation. Very well designed it covers all the developers’ needs and includes many examples.

2.2 State of the art Microsoft technologies

Le Plus Umbraco
Umbraco’s added bonus

Umbraco’s solution is also accessible to beginners thanks to XSLT, a language that is easier to master than .NET technology to create web pages.

Unlike other CMS, Umbraco imposes no concept, no specific convention. It remains true to .NET standards and does not add a layer of complexity.

Developers who are used to ASP.NET will feel at home. An exhaustive library of codes (API) is available and it is also possible to integrate external components (dll) already developed under .NET.

Semmeo ranking: Reversibility

Umbraco is highly reversible as .NET skills are very common on the market.

What happens if you need to change the team in mid- project? Reversibility is an essential aspect for an application. For you it guarantees that a new team can easily take over the project.

Umbraco 5
Drupal 5
WordPress 5
eZ Publish 4
Jahia 3
  • Drupal and WordPress, very popular, offer good reversibility.
  • eZ Publish is slightly hindered as it is more complex and harder to master.
  • Jahia, less common, requires J2EE skills, more difficult to come across.

Key benefits

For developers

Your mind is at peace and you are free. Free to use the language of your choice. At peace because you can trust a standard system, reliable and compatible.

For users

The back-office is fast, stable, bug-free. And if you do come across any difficulties you can easily find someone to help you.